Accessibility Information for Santa Fe, La Fonda Hotel and LCC Convention

Santa Fe is a 400 year old community and the La Fonda hotel was built in 1922.

We strongly advise people with disabilities to bring a companion to assist you; it will make your stay much easier and more enjoyable. The areas immediately adjacent to the hotel (such as the Cathedral and the Plaza) are accessible. There are curb cuts to the Cathedral, which has a ramp. There is a cycling traffic light at the crossing from the hotel to the Plaza; however, audio signals are not available.

The Plaza is level and has curb cuts at all corners. Most shops around the Plaza have level entries, although some of the sidewalks are uneven.

In much of the outlying commercial downtown area, there is a substantial grade (although there are elevators available at certain times of the day in some buildings to assist in bringing you down to the lower streets).  These are private commercial buildings and are not open 24 hours a day.  In this outlying area, there are some shops and restaurants with one or two steps at the street entrance (some have alternate entrances) or are located on the second floor. There are stop signs at the intersections and the sidewalks are uneven in places.

La Fonda is wheelchair accessible, with lifts in different places in the hotel to connect the additions made to the hotel over the years.

If you need a sign language interpreter, you should bring one or request one from us ( Since resources for interpreters are limited in the Santa Fe area, you must request an interpreter by February 1, 2011. A list of the break-out workshop sessions will be emailed or sent for you to make your workshop selections. We must receive this list from you by March 1, 2011 so that we can arrange for interpreters.

You will find more detailed information about accessibility at the registration table upon your arrival at the convention.


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