Left Coast Crime 2018

Panel Schedule

Note: Panelists will sign for half an hour in the Book Room in Nugget 2 following each panel.
(A printable pdf will be posted soon.)
Time Sierra 1 Sierra 2 Sierra 3 Sierra 4 Cascade 3-4
9:00-11:00 AM Author Speed-Dating (Nugget 1)
Les & Leslie Blatt (M) and 40 Authors
limited seating for 144 fans
11:00-Noon Lunch Break (on your own)
12:00-12:45 PM Regrets, I’ve Had a Few: What I Wish I Knew When I Started
Linda Joy Singleton (M)
Wendy Hornsby
Libby Klein
Kathleen Valenti
Left Coast Crime 101
Lucinda Surber (M)
Lynn Bremer
Noemi Levine
Linda McNab
Janet Rudolph
Walk the Line: How Much Research Is Too Much?
Elena Hartwell (M)
Denise (Deni) Dietz
Sabrina Flynn
Charles Rosenberg
Barb Schlichting
I Got Stripes: Behind the Scenes with Real Law Enforcement Professionals
Mike Spencer (M)
Christine Husom
James L’Etoile
David Putnam
1:15-2:00 PM Something’s Gotta Give: Out of the Box Traditionals
Warren C. Easley (M)
Anne Cleeland
Margaret Dumas
Carlene O’Neil
Ann Saxton Reh
It’s Now or Never: Late in Life Authors & Protagonists
Terry Shames (M)
Cathy Ace
Ellen Kirschman
Pat Stoltey
Heather Young
In Other Words, Hold My Hand: Romantic Elements in Crime Fiction
Diane Kelly (M)
Scotti Andrews
Yves Fey
Rebecca Grace
Terry Odell
Shot a Man in Reno: Clichés in Crime Fiction
Craig Faustus Buck (M)
Mark Bacon
Chris Goff
Annie Hogsett
Marty Wingate
Nevada’s Legalization of Casinos and the Rise of Reno as the “Biggest Little City”
Eric Moody & Neal Cobb
2:30-3:15 PM I Did It My Way: Paths to Publication
Janice Peacock (M)
Leo W. Banks
Ross Carley
Steph Cha
Bruce Rolfe
I’ve Got You Under My Skin: Writing Medicine & Science
Linda A. Petrilli (M)
H.S. Clark
Bette Golden Lamb
J.J. Lamb
Devil in Disguise: Odd Jobs & Strange Professions
Linda Joffe Hull (M)
Mysti Berry
John Billheimer
Bill Fitzhugh
Tammy Kaehler
That Old Black Magic: Paranormal Suspense
Sandy Wright (M)
Alice Henderson
Eileen Magill
Margaret C. Morse
Dänna Wilberg
Cheating with Lady Luck: Good luck is far too rare to leave to chance
Howard W. Herz
3:45-4:30 PM Todd Borg interviewed by Catriona McPherson (Cascade 1-2)
6:00-7:30 PM Welcome Reception in Nugget 1
7:30 PM Dinner (on your own)

Time Sierra 1 Sierra 2 Sierra 3 Sierra 4 Cascade 3-4
7:15-8:45 AM New Authors Breakfast — Hosted by Mike Befeler with the assistance of Les & Leslie Blatt (Nugget 1)
All convention registrants welcome, seating limited.
9:00-9:45 AM Impersonations: Creating Three-Dimensional Characters
Ken Isaacson (M)
Corey Lynn Fayman
Timothy Hallinan
Barbara Petty
Nancy Cole Silverman
Days of Wine and Roses: Culinary Mysteries
Leslie Karst (M)
Catherine Bruns
Daryl Wood Gerber
Sharon Moore
Nadine Nettmann
I Still Miss Someone: Ghosts, Hauntings & Horror
Michele Drier (M)
Paty Jager
Margaret Lucke
Catherine Paul
Jo Perry
Ring of Fire: Writing Political Thrillers
Lisa Brackmann (M)
David Hagerty
Kay Kendall
Mike Lawson
Gregory Zeigler
“One Shots” and
“You Had Me At…

alternate all day
in Cascade 3-4
Schedule & Info
10:15-11:00 AM Highway Patrolman: Law Enforcement Research
Amy Rogers (M)
Shannon Baker
Steven Cooper
Dianne Emley
Terry Odell
Gentle on My Mind: The Fun & Familiar Cozy
Ellen Byron (M)
Kristi Abbott/Lillian Bell
Pat Batta
Vickie Fee
Lefty Award Nominees Past & Present: Best Historical Mystery
Laurie R. King (M)
Jennifer Kincheloe
Catriona McPherson
Priscilla Royal
Kelli Stanley
That’s Life: Creating Realistic Amateur Sleuths
Tammy Kaehler (M)
Marla Cooper
Judy Copek
Kathy Krevat/Aarons
Gigi Pandian

11:30-12:15 PM I Get a Kick Out of You: How Much Violence Is Too Much?
Simon Wood (M)
Robin Burcell
Parnell Hall
David Putnam
Travis Richardson
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime: Gender Roles in Crime Fiction
Jacque Ben-Zekry (M)
Susan Alice Bickford
Lisa Brackmann
Cherie O’Boyle
Laurie Rockenbeck
Lefty Award Nominees: Best Mystery
Todd Borg (M)
Matt Coyle
William Kent Krueger
Terry Shames
James W. Ziskin
I Thought About You: Recommending Favorite Reads
Lee Goldberg (M)
D.J. Adamson
Leslie Blatt
Andi Shechter
Sue Trowbridge

12:15-1:30 PM Lunch Break (on your own)
1:30-2:15 PM What’s Your Prequel? Which Classic Character They’d Like to Write
Phoef Sutton (M)
Todd Borg
Craig Faustus Buck
Ray Daniel
Laurie R. King
A Little Less Conversation: Writing Great Dialogue
Anne Cleeland (M)
Aaron Elkins
Priscilla Royal
Charles Salzberg
Reavis Z. Wortham
Lefty Award Nominees: Best Debut Mystery
Lucinda Surber (M)
Susan Alice Bickford
Kellye Garrett
Wendall Thomas
Nancy Tingley
Kathleen Valenti
Trouble in Mind: Pulp Detectives of the Past & Present
Matt Coyle (M)
J.D. Allen
Christa Faust
Mike McCrary
Clive Rosengren
2:45-3:30 PM Mambo Italiano: Writing Other Cultures
Jill Amadio (M)
Dorothy Black Crow
Matthew Iden
Bharti Kirchner
Gigi Pandian
No Charge: The Role of Police in Modern Crime Fiction
Josh Stallings (M)
Claire Booth
Steph Cha
Tyler Dilts
G.M. Malliet
Lefty Award Nominees: Best Humorous Mystery
Janet Rudolph (M)
Ellen Byron
Marla Cooper
Cynthia Kuhn
Wooden Heart: Craft Mysteries
Gay Coburn Gale (M)
Peggy Ehrhart
Cheryl Hollon
Sybil Johnson
Camille Minichino
4:00-4:45 PM What Kind of Fool Am I?: Writing in More Than One Genre
Mike Befeler (M)
Maegan Beaumont
Daryl Wood Gerber
Phoef Sutton
Keith Tittle
If I Told You Who It Was: Twists and Reveals in the Modern Thriller
Sharon St. George (M)
R.G. Belsky
Harry Hunsicker
Elizabeth Little
Kirk Russell
Come Fly with Me: International Settings
Wendy Hornsby (M)
Annamaria Alfieri
Cara Black
Jane Stillwater
Nancy Tingley
Somethin’ Stupid: Pitfalls in Writing the Opposite Gender
Thomas Perry (M)
Robert Downs
Roger Johns
S.J. Rozan
James W. Ziskin
(Cascade 1-2)
Mystery Improv
Naomi Hirahara (M)
Tyler Dilts
Glen Hamilton
Janet Rudolph
5:15-6:00 PM William Kent Krueger interviewed by G.M. Malliet (Cascade 1-2)    
6:00-8:00 PM Dinner Break (on your own)
8:00-9:00 PM Mark Twain (Cascade 1-2)    
Time Sierra 1 Sierra 2 Sierra 3 Sierra 4 Cascade 3-4
7:15-8:45 AM Breakfast (Nugget 1)
All convention registrants welcome, seating limited.
9:00-9:45 AM Arrivaderci Roma: Historical Mysteries
Mary Lawrence (M)
Ana Brazil
Michael J. Cooper
Janet Dawson
Melissa Lenhardt
Birth of the Blues: Going from Idea to Story with Pantsers & Plotters
Annamaria Alfieri (M)
Mark Bacon
Becky Clark
Kim Fay
Ilene Schneider
Strangers in the Night: International Espionage
Chris Goff (M)
Lance Charnes
Libby Fischer Hellmann
Michael Niemann
Trevor Scott
Hound Dogs and Cool Cats: Animals in Mysteries
Cherie O’Boyle (M)
Janet Finsilver
Waverly Fitzgerald
Diane Kelly
J.R. Ripley
“One Shots” and
“You Had Me At…
alternate all day
in Cascade 3-4
Schedule & Info
10:15-11:00 AM Suspicious Minds: The Liars Panel
Kelli Stanley (M)
Christa Faust
Lee Goldberg
Howard Michael Gould
William Kent Krueger
All the Way to Reno: LCC Regional Settings
Katherine Bolger Hyde (M)
Mary Feliz
Kellye Garrett
Glen Erik Hamilton
Nancy G. West
I Gotta Be Me: Self, Traditional & Hybrid Publishing Options
H.S. Clark (M)
Colleen Dunn Bates
Heather Haven
Sheila Simonson
Simon Wood
Jailhouse Rock: The Legal System in Crime Fiction
Ken Isaacson (M)
Teresa Burrell
Jennifer Kincheloe
Keenan Powell
L.F. Robertson
11:30-12:15 AM Desperado: Writing a Great Villain
Mark Stevens (M)
Dale Berry
Michael Kurland
Thomas Perry
Brian Thornton
Muddy Waters: Social Issues in Crime Fiction
Debra H. Goldstein (M)
Pat H. Broeske
Bryan Gruley
Leslie Karst
S.J. Rozan
Good Luck Charm: Finding the Right Editor
Eileen Magill (M)
Jacque Ben-Zekry
Lisa Q. Matthews
Chantelle Aimée Osman
Zoe Quinton
The Wonder of You: Taking Emotional Risks in Writing
Naomi Hirahara (M)
Dianne Emley
Timothy Hallinan
Jamie Mason
Josh Stallings
12:15-1:30 PM Lunch Break (on your own) Award Ballots due by 1:30 PM
1:30-2:15 PM Burning Love: The Sex Panel
Holly West (M)
Cara Black
Bill Fitzhugh
Linda Joffe Hull
Catriona McPherson
It’s How You Use It: Art of the Short Story & Novella
Stephen W. Buehler (M)
Darrell James
Eleanor Cawood Jones
Rob Pierce
Kate Thornton
You Make Me Feel So Young: Mystery in YA Fiction
Janet Dawson (M)
Wrona Gall
Kelly Garrett
Christina Hoag
Peggy Townsend
I’ve Got the World on a String: Setting as Character
Ann Parker (M)
John Billheimer
Baron R. Birtcher
Christine Carbo
Robert D. Kidera
2:45-3:30 PM The Match Game
Chantelle Aimée Osman (M)
Bryan Gruley
Glen Erik Hamilton
Jamie Mason
Nadine Nettmann
L.J. Sellers
Young at Heart: Keeping a Series Alive
Elizabeth Little (M)
Philip Donlay
Aaron Elkins
D.R. Ransdell
Wendall Thomas
Can’t Help Falling in Love: Spotlight on Independent Publishers
J.J. Lamb (M)
D.Z. Church
Heather Haven
L.C. Hayden
Libby Fischer Hellmann
Always on My Mind: Unforgettable Women in the Genre
Tina Whittle (M)
Lou Berney
Lori Rader-Day
Angela M. Sanders/Clover Tate
S.A. Solomon
4:00-4:45 PM Naomi Hirahara interviewed by S.J. Rozan (Cascade 1-2)
5:15-6:00 PM The Not So Secret Life of Authors (Cascade 4-2)
Simon Wood (M)
Lou Berney, Christa Faust, Bill Fitzhugh, Linda Joffe Hull, Catriona McPherson
6:00-7:00 PM Silent Auction Final Bidding & Cash Bars in Lobby
7:00-9:00 PM Awards Banquet (Nugget 1)    
Time Sierra 1 Sierra 2 Sierra 3 Sierra 4 Cascade
9:00-9:45 AM Sway: Bloggers & Reviewers Give Tips to Authors
Travis Richardson (M)
Les Blatt
Robert Downs
Parnell Hall
Erica Ruth Neubauer
You Are My Sunshine: The Great Outdoors
Pamela Beason (M)
Judy Copek
Margaret Mizushima
Ann Parker
Mark Stevens
Unchained Melody: Portraying Psychiatric Disorders
Charles Rosenberg (M)
Ellen Kirschman
Sheila Lowe
Lori Rader-Day
Lynne Raimondo
The Door Is Still Open: Academic & Bookstore Mysteries
Randal Brandt (M)
Vinnie Hansen
Cynthia Kuhn
Bourne Morris
Maggie Topkis
10:15-11:00 AM How You Can Be Part of Left Coast Crime!
Lucinda Surber (M)
Janet Rudolph
Stan Ulrich
Left Coast Crime Standing Committee Members
Too Close for Comfort: Plot Ideas Ripped from the Headlines
Harry Hunsicker (M)
Laurie Fagen
Cheryl Reed
Mark Wheaton
High Hopes: Winning PR & Marketing Ideas
My Kind of Town: Rural & Suburban Crime Fiction
David Hagerty (M)
Shannon Baker
James Hayman
Clea Simon
Heather Young
11:30-12:30 PM Final Guest of Honor Panel (Cascade 1-2)
Cathy Ace (M)
Todd Borg, Naomi Hirahara, William Kent Krueger
12:30 PM So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye…See you next year in Vancouver, British Columbia!

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