Whale of a Crime
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One Shots & You Had Me At…

This year we are continuing two popular additions to programming. One Shots and You Had Me At will alternate in Oxford-Wales throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. There will be a quick five-minute break between the 15-minute presentations and 5-minute readings. Please drop by and stay as long as you like!

One Shots
Fifteen minute presentations by authors and attendees with interesting information or specializations they’d like to share.

You Had Me At…
Readers! Time to meet new authors. Authors read the first page of their novel (novella, or short story), just enough to provide a respite from the busy conference and get you wanting more.

Friday Schedule: Oxford-Wales
9:40-9:55 Ellen Kirschman presents “On The Front Lines: Being a 911 Dispatcher”
10:00-10:05 Ana Manwaring reads from Set Up: A JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventure
10:10-10:15 John McMahon reads from The Good Detective
10:20-10:25 Janice MacDonald reads from The Eye of the Beholder
10:30-10:35 Margaret Dumas reads from Murder at the Palace
10:40-10:45 Marsali Taylor reads from Death on a Longship
10:50-10:55 A.J. McCarthy read from Cold Betrayal
Lunch Break  
1:30-1:35 Cindy Brown reads from The Sound of Murder
1:40-1:45 Bonnie Monte reads from The Sleeping Lady
1:50-1:55 Heather Young reads from The Lost Girls
2:00-2:05 Liz Osborne reads from Dirty Laundry
2:10-2:15 T.K. Thorne read from House of Rose
2:20-2:45 Robert Lopresti presents “Catching a Real-Life Book Thief”
2:50-2:55 M.H. Callway reads from The Dame Was Trouble
3:00-3:05 Marion Mildred Crook reads from Hazards in Hampshire
3:10-3:15 Ashley Dyer reads from Splinter in the Blood
3:20-3:25 Lono Waiwaiole reads from Lizzie’s Lullaby
3:30-3:55 Catharine Riggs reads from What She Gave Away
3:40-4:05 Marsali Taylor presents “Shetland… a Hotbed of Crime?”
4:10-4:15 R.E. Donald reads from Yellowhead Blues
4:20-4:35 Bernadette Calonego presents “Love, Crime, and Culture Shock in Newfoundland

Saturday Schedule: Oxford-Wales
9:40-9:55 Jessica Poore presents “Tips and Tricks for MS Word”
10:00-10:05 Vinnie Hansen reads from Miscalculation
10:10-10:15 Anne Louise Bannon reads from Death of the Zanjero
10:20-10:25 Ann Parker reads from A Dying Note
10:30-10:35 L.F. Robertson reads from Next of Kin
10:40-10:45 T.A. Henry reads from The Body in the Pool
10:50-10:55 Peggy Ehrhart reads from Died in the Wool
11:00-11:15 Andrew Weinberger presents “Author Events as Booksellers View Them”
Lunch Break  
2:30-2:35 Jeffrey Siger reads from The Mykonos Mob
2:40-2:45 Kim Moritsugu reads from The Showrunner
2:50-2:55 Brenda Chapman reads from Bleeding Darkness
3:00-3:05 Sujata Massey reads from The Widows of Malabar Hill
3:10-3:15 Ellen Byron reads from Mardi Gras Murder
3:20-3:25 Matt Coyle reads from Wrong Light
3:30-3:35 DJ Wiseman reads from The Subtle Thief of Youth
3:40-3:45 Kelly Oliver reads from Wolf: A Jessica James Mystery
3:50-3:55 Debra Purdy Kong reads from Knock Knock
4:00-4:15 D.R. Randsell presents “An Interlude with a Mariachi”
4:20-4:35 Kenneth Wishnia presents “Biblical Noir: The Mean Streets of Ancient Jerusalem”
4:40-4:45 Ellen Kirschman reads from her upcoming Dot Meyerhoff mystery