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Panel Schedule

Note: Panelists will sign for half an hour in the Doubletree Foyer following each panel.

Thursday, March 12

Panel moderators are indicated by (M).

Location Multnomah Holladay Broadway Oregon Alaska
11:30-12:30 The First Time: Writing Lessons I Wish I Had Learned A Lot Earlier   Introduction to LCC Size Matters: The Art of the Short Story It Takes Two To Tango: Crime-Solving Couples
Maia Chance (M)
Royce Buckingham
Sean Chercover
Blake Crouch
Joel Goldman
Janet Rudolph Travis Richardson (M)
Bharti Kirchner
Deborah J Ledford
Robert Lopresti
Brian Thornton
Tina Whittle (M)
Dorothy Black Crow
Wendy Delaney
Lori L. Lake
Rochelle Staab
1:00-2:00 Just Yesterday: Writing the 20th Century Historical Novel   Guns and Roses: Romantic Elements in Crime Fiction Foodies & Winos: Culinary Mysteries Social Media: What Every Author Needs to Know
Janet Dawson (M)
Timothy Burgess
Cynthia Drew
Patricia Gulley
Keith Tittle
Donnell Ann Bell (M)
Patricia Dusenbury
Kendra Elliot
Yvonne Kohano
Carole Price
Heather Haven (M)
Kathy Aarons
R.M. Cartmel
Bailey Cates
Karen MacInerney
Sue Trowbridge (M)
Kiffer Brown
Stacey Cochran
Victoria Goff
Chantelle Aimée Osman
2:30-3:30 The Winding Road: Different Paths to Publication Pass the Scalpel: Getting the Medicine & Science Right It’s a Living: Odd Jobs & Strange Professions Gotta Stay Fresh: How To Keep a Series from Getting Stale Do I Have To Go Outside?: Research at the Desk & in the Field
Deborah Reed (M)
Heather Ames
Ellen Mathews
Ann Parker
Terry Shames
John Burley (M)
Richard Van Anderson
H.S. Clark
D.P. (Doug) Lyle
Liz Osborne
Linda Joffe Hull (M)
Tammy Kaehler
Camille Minichino
Robert S. Napier
Diane Vallere
Vicki Delany (M)
D.V. Berkom
Becky Clark
Philip Donlay
Mike Lawson
Terry Odell (M)
Jack Erickson
V.M. Giambanco
Andrew E. Kaufman
4:00-5:00 Special Guest: Phillip Margolin
Interviewed by Jay Margulies
6:00-7:30 Welcome Reception

Friday, March 13

Panel moderators are indicated by (M).

Location Multnomah Holladay Broadway Oregon Alaska
9:00-9:45 (Breakfast Cleanup) Foreign Correspondents: International Settings Death in a Small Town: Rural & Suburban Crime Fiction Mean Streets: Pulp Detectives of the Past & Present
Aileen Baron (M)
Brett Battles
Timothy Hallinan
Timothy Williams
Terry Shames (M)
Leslie Budewitz
Martha (M.P.) Cooley
G.M. Malliet
Cindy Sample
Evan Lewis (M)
Dale Berry
Craig Faustus Buck
William E. Wallace
Tim Wohlforth
10:15-11:00 The Taste of Copper and the Smell of Cordite: Clichés in Crime Fiction Make Up Your Mind: Writing in More Than One Genre That Was My Idea: Collaborating with a Co-Author How Did That Body Get There?: The Amateur Sleuth Buy My Book! Buy My Book!: The Subtle Art of Marketing
David Corbett (M)
Lisa Alber
Blake Crouch
Bill Fitzhugh
James Ziskin
Chris Holm (M)
D.J. Adamson
Heather Ames
S.G. Redling
Sheila Simonson
Lee Goldberg (M)
Charlotte Elkins
Rosemarie Keenan
Vince Keenan
Sarah Lovett
Lori Rader-Day (M)
Allen Eskens
Paty Jager
Barbara Petty
Ilene Schneider
Dana Kaye (M)
Kathe Gibb
Maryglenn McCombs
Mary Putnam
Sarah Williams
11:30-12:15 Laughing Ain’t a Crime: Balancing Humor in Crime Fiction Not Safe For Children: The Young Adult Crime Story Not Just Cats & Quilts: The Evolution of the Cozy Can You Go Too Far?: Violence in Fiction Do The Twist: Keeping the Audience Guessing
Catriona McPherson (M)
Mike Befeler
Cindy Brown
Heather Haven
Helen Smith
Jennifer Bosworth (M)
Warren Bull
Linda Gerber
April Henry
Mary Elizabeth Summer
Angela Sanders (M)
Jessie Chandler
Marta Chausée
Christine Goff
Jennifer McAndrews
Vella Munn (M)
Maegan Beaumont
Hilary Davidson
Jennifer Hillier
Todd Robinson
M.H. Callway (M)
Ray Daniel
Robert Dugoni
Kendra Elliot
Barbara Fradkin
1:30-2:15 Is That A Gun in Your Pocket?: The Sex Panel She Said, She Said: Writing the Female Protagonist Say It Again, Sam: What Makes Great Dialogue? Broken Spines & Cracked Hinges: Book-Related Crimes The Not-So-Long & Not-So-Short of It: The Return of the Novella
Jess Lourey (M)
Chelsea Cain
Linda Joffe Hull
Holly West
Simon Wood
Meg Gardiner (M)
Lisa Fernow
Darrell James
Frances McNamara
Carole Sojka
Dana Haynes (M)
Barbara Graham
Rita Lakin
Michael Sears
Susanna Calkins (M)
Kate Carlisle
Erika Chase
Vicki Delany (Eva Gates)
Jenn McKinley
Brian Thornton (M)
Allison Brennan
Stephen Buehler
Barry Graham
Travis Richardson
2:45-3:30 Five FBI Agents Discuss Their Various Jobs Gone South: Mexico & the Mexican Border What Are You Reading?: Those in the Know Share Their Favorites Digging the Past: Researching the Historical Novel Represent: The Role of the Agent in Today’s Publishing
Johnny Shaw (M)
Lisa Brackmann
Tyler Dilts
Corey Lynn Fayman
Clark Lohr
Erica Ruth Neubauer (M)
Jordan Foster
Tom Luce
Janet Rudolph
Sarah Weinman
Ann Parker (M)
Annamaria Alfieri
Frederick Ramsay
Steven Saylor
Jeri Westerson
Stacey Cochran (M)
Kimberley Cameron
Chip MacGregor
Meg Ruley
4:00-5:00 Guest of Honor: Timothy Hallinan
Interviewed by L.J. Sellers
6:00-7:30 Left Coast Crime 25th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, March 14

Panel moderators are indicated by (M).

Location Multnomah Holladay Broadway Oregon Alaska
9:00-9:45 (Breakfast Cleanup) Talking Shop: Getting Law Enforcement Details Right Our Fine Furry Friends: Animals in Mysteries Pantsers & Plotters:
From Idea to Story
Neal Griffin (M)
Ellen Kirschman
Terry Odell
Adam Plantinga
David Putnam
Waverly Curtis (M)
Donna Andrews
Pamela Beason
Cherie O’Boyle
Tracy Weber
Karen MacInerney (M)
Maia Chance
Anne Cleeland
Gigi Pandian
Lori Rader-Day
10:15-11:00 Pants on Fire: A Liars Panel The Spies Have It: International Espionage Self-Publishing, Traditional & Hybrid: Publishing Options Write What You Know: Personal Experiences into Stories Folk Heroes of the Northwest: D.B. Cooper, Bigfoot, and Other Mysteries
Simon Wood (M)
Chris F. Holm
Jess Lourey
Catriona McPherson
Johnny Shaw
Brett Battles (M)
Diana Chambers
Art Kerns
Ryan Quinn
Tim Tigner
Victoria Goff (M)
Anna Castle
Denise Grover Swank
Rod Lindsey
M. Louisa Locke
James M. Jackson (M)
Glen Erik Hamilton
Christine Kling
Lynne Raimondo
Tina Whittle
Presentation by Bill Sullivan
11:30-12:15 Loving To Hate: What Makes a Great Villain? The Crime Novel as the Modern Social Novel Places Are People Too: Setting as Character Sweet & Lowdown:
A Cozy/Noir Summit
Long Ago & Far Away:
How to Bring History to a Contemporary Audience
Allison Brennan (M)
Chelsea Cain
David Corbett
Laurie R. King
Sean Chercover
Barry Graham (M)
Lisa Brackmann
Mette Ivie Harrison
J. David Osborne
Sam Wiebe
Matt Coyle (M)
Cathy Ace
Jeanne Matthews
Terri Nolan
Nancy G. West
Katrina Niidas Holm (M)
Hannah Dennison
Chris Holm
Josh Stallings
Marty Wingate
Holly West (M)
Carola Dunn
Yves Fey
Sharan Newman
John Maddox Roberts
1:30-2:15 Been There, Wrote That:
The Game Show
Oregon State of Mind: Crime in the Beaver State Make Every Word Count: What Makes a Great Short Story? Lightning Pace: Making the Story Move It’s Alive: Creating Living, Breathing Characters
Gar Anthony Haywood (M)
Hilary Davidson
Meg Gardiner
Timothy Hallinan
D.P. (Doug) Lyle
Mysti Berry (M)
Bill Cameron
Dana Haynes
Kristelle James
Doc Macomber
Todd Robinson (M)
Craig Faustus Buck
Sarah M. Chen
Andrew MacRae
Jennifer Vandenberg
Robert Dugoni (M)
Diane Capri
Mike Lawson
Cathy Perkins
Ralph Sanborn
Andi Shechter (M)
Peg Brantley
John Clement
Russell Hill
Kenneth Wishnia
2:45-3:30 Legalities, Legalities: Applying the Law to Crime Fiction Without a Fedora:
New Directions in Noir
Bench Presses: Small Publishers do Heavy Lifting Female Writers of the Recent Past Lovely, Dark, & Deep: What Makes a Literary Mystery?
Ken Isaacson (M)
Teresa Burrell
Phillip Margolin
Charles Rosenberg
Sheldon Siegel
Evan Lewis (M)
Baer Charlton
Robert Downs
Roger Hobbs
Bret Wright
Robert Rosenwald (M)
Lee Goldberg
Matt Martz
Baird Nuckolls
J. David Osborne
Sarah Weinman (M)
Randal Brandt
Joel Goldman
Barbara Leavy
Maggie Topkis
John Addiego (M)
Jennifer Bosworth
Susanna Calkins
Vinnie Hansen
Deborah Reed
4:00-5:00 Guest of Honor: Chelsea Cain
Interviewed by Jordan Foster
6:00-7:00 Cash Bar
Close of Silent Auction
7:00-9:00 Awards Banquet

Sunday, March 15

Panel moderators are indicated by (M).

Location Multnomah Holladay Broadway Oregon Alaska
9:30-10:30 Thrills, Spills & Chills: The Modern Thriller $100 a Day Plus Expenses: The Private Eye in the 21st Century Magic in the Air: Paranormal Suspense Reading Rainbow: The Challenge of Writing LGBTQ Characters California Dreaming: What Makes California Such a Great Setting?
Sarah Lovett (M)
Stacy Allen
Andrew Kaufman
Jeff Layton
Richard Anderson (M)
Janet Dawson
Parnell Hall
Gar Anthony Haywood
Clive Rosengren
Danna Wilberg (M)
Bailey Cates
Joni Sauer-Folger
Cat Winters
Lori L. Lake (M)
Jessie Chandler
Laurie R. King
L.J. Sellers
Rochelle Staab (M)
Gayle Carline
Matt Coyle
Nan Hagan
Mar Preston
11:00-12:00 One Star: The Dos & Don’ts of Reacting to Reviews The Great Outdoors: Murder in Nature Fifty-Four Forty or Fight: Crime in the Pacific Northwest Editing Your Own Work: Approaches to Rewriting How You Can Be a Part of Left Coast Crime!!!
Charles Rosenberg (M)
Bill Cameron
Dana Kaye
Christine Kling
Sharon Moore
Christine Finlayson (M)
Shannon Baker
Christine Carbo
R.J. Harlick
Mark Stevens
Kate Dyer-Seeley (M)
E.R. Brown
Warren C. Easley
Skye Moody
Lono Waiwaiole
David Schlosser (M)
Hannah Dennison
Judith Janeway
Margaret Lucke
Phillip Margolin
LCC Standing Committee

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