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Gay & KoaHonolulu Havoc Chair: Gay Coburn Gale
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Retiring after five careers and 31 address changes, Gay moved to Honolulu in 2013 with a goal of completing her first mystery novel and filling the emptiness left by the death of her best friend, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Kekoa. The book is still unfinished but five year old Koa has joined the household, completed two obedience titles and now serves as a Diabetic Alert Dog to ensure that Gay doesn’t overdose on M&Ms. A trip to Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2016 will be Gay’s 8th Summer Olympics, a 32 year testament to her love of elite sport performance and travel. Gay’s first novel, LA-84, is set during the XXIII Summer Games where a twenty-five year old physical therapist named TAT Taylor battles chauvinism and tradition while attempting to solve the murder of her friend, an Olympic hammer thrower.

Registrar & Treasurer: Stan Ulrich
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Larry & RosemaryPanel Co-Chairs: Rosemary & Larry Mild
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Rosemary & Larry Mild are cheerful partners in crime, stalking Honolulu’s dark side as coauthors of Cry Ohana, Adventure and Suspense in Hawaii. Their new series is the Dan & Rivka Sherman Mysteries: Death Goes Postal, Death Takes a Mistress, and Death Steals a Holy Book (brand new!). Readers savor the Milds’ Paco & Molly Mysteries, starring a detective and housekeeper/cook who skews the English language: Locks and Cream Cheese, Hot Grudge Sunday, and Boston Scream Pie. The Milds have two short story collections: Murder, Fantasy, and Weird Tales and The Misadventures of Slim O. Wittz, Soft-Boiled Detective. More stories are featured in an ezine, Mysterical-E: “Copper and Goldie,” a disabled ex-cop cabbie and his golden retriever. After twenty-two years of snow-birding, the Milds have joined their children and grandchildren in calling Honolulu home. [website]

Lucinda & StanAwards Co-Chairs: Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich serve as the Left Coast Crime Awards Co-Chairs. Email them at Awards@LeftCoastCrime.org with questions about the Honolulu Havoc Awards. Lucinda & Stan joined the LCC family with Left Coast Crime 2011: The Big Chile and were co-chairs (with Bill & Toby Gottfried) for 2014: Calamari Crime. They serve as the Awards Co-Chairs for LCC, and Stan, a retired lawyer, is President of Left Coast Crime Conference, Inc. Their first mystery convention was Bouchercon 2007 in Alaska, and they’ve enjoyed exploring new places and meeting fellow mystery enthusiasts at Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime ever since. Lucinda & Stan were the Fan Guests of Honor at Bouchercon 2015 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Together Lucinda and Stan are Stop, You’re Killing Me!, an Anthony award-winning web resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. A former elementary school teacher, Lucinda created Bookworm for Kids—a resource for teachers, parents, grandparents, and all others interested in encouraging children to love reading. Lucinda and Stan try to give away as many books as they can, but still seem to have piles everywhere.

Auction Chair: Alain (A K) Gunn
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Alain (A K) Gunn writes thrillers under the pen name Alain Gunn and mysteries as A K Gunn. He will be accepting items for the Silent Auction to benefit Read Aloud America beginning in 2017. [website]

VickiSpecial Events: Vicki Whelan-White
Vicki Whelan-White co-authors books with her husband Don under the pseudonym D.V. Whytes. They have published Love Beyond Measure, Prism Poison, Cookie Crumbs, Green Eyes & Murder, and a series of prose called Divine Dusting. Vicki grew up in Austin MN, where Spam originated, then moved to Hawaii where Spam is eaten eight times more than anywhere else. She specialized in trauma radiology before transferring into management. Recently she was elected as the President for Sisters in Crime, Hawaii. [website]

GailRoommate Coordinator: Gail M Baugniet
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Gail M Baugniet is the author of the Pepper Bibeau mystery series. After college, she worked for insurance companies, in law enforcement as a police officer, and finally as a security dispatcher for twelve years. After living through many snowy winters in northern states, she now calls Honolulu her home. Gail is a member of Sisters in Crime, and the current president of the Sisters in Crime/Hawaii chapter in Honolulu. She also published a short book of poems, and two of her short stories are included in Hawaii-based anthologies. [website]

Publisher Liaison: Lucinda Surber
We are happy to accept crime fiction and non-fiction for distribution in the book bags. There is no charge, but you will need to ship the books to the event in late February or early March. Any quantity is accepted. We prefer not to have more than 200 copies of a single title; multiple titles are recommended if you would like to place a book in every bag. In order to make book distribution work for both the participants (who will love receiving your books) and the booksellers (who will plan to bring different books to sell) we ask that you provide our Publisher Liason with the title(s) and number of current releases you would like to donate. If interested in donating books, please contact Lucinda.

Mike BefelerMeet-the-New-Authors Breakfast Chair: Mike Befeler
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Mike hosts the annual Meet-the-New Authors Breakfast at Left Coast Crime when everyone is invited to have breakfast with the new authors and hear a bit about their books. The six books in his Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit mystery series have earned Mike two Lefty Award nominations.

Janet RudolphNational Publicity Chair: Janet Rudolph
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Janet Rudolph is known as “The Mistress of Mystery.” She is the writer/producer for Murder on the Menu®, director of Mystery Readers International, editor of the Mystery Readers Journal, a teacher of mystery fiction, and has been a columnist for most of the mystery periodicals. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, the International Association of Crime Writers, the British Crime Writers Association, Sisters in Crime, and the American Crime Writers League. She has been on panels at Bouchercon (the World Mystery Convention), Left Coast Crime, and several other mystery conventions. Janet was Fan Guest of Honor at Malice Domestic in Washington, DC, and an invited participant in international writing conferences in Spain, England, and Cuba. She blogs at Mystery Fanfare and Dying for Chocolate.

Bill & TobyAdvisors: Bill and Toby Gottfried
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Bill & Toby were on the initial LCC Committee in San Francisco and have participated ever since. Toby retired from her position at Calypte Biomedical in 2009 and Bill is a pediatrician who currently works with the State Medical society as a surveyor of Quality Medical Practices. Both were formally introduced to the mystery convention in 1985 at Bouchercon in San Francisco and have attended almost all Bouchercons since. They received the Don Sandstrom Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Mystery Fandom in 2008 and the David Thompson Memorial Special Service Award at Bouchercon Raleigh in 2015. Bill and Toby were the program chairs for Bouchercon 1997 in Monterey; and were chairs of the Left Coast Crime conventions in 2004 (Monterey) and 2009 (Hawaii) and co-chairs (with Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich) in 2014 (Monterey). They have attended all of the LCC conventions. Bill and Toby were Fan Guests of Honor at the first CrimeFest in Bristol, England, and have been participants in Janet Rudolph’s Mystery Readers International reading group since 1985. They also have “chaired” their own summer reading group, Mystery Addicts, for about 18 years. Bill and Toby presently own about 16,000 mysteries, some of which they have even read.

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