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Left Coast Crime Scholarships

The Left Coast Crime national committee is offering FIVE scholarships to Left Coast Crime #30 in San Diego, California, March 12-15, 2020. The LCC Scholarships include a free registration to the convention in San Diego (currently $215) plus $500 expense money. For more info on LCC #30, visit the Murder’s a Beach website.

Purpose: LCC Scholarships are intended for anyone needing financial assistance to attend the convention, and seek to encourage fandom and talent in crime writing of all types.

Qualifications: The scholarships are open to everyone. Prior attendance at LCC is not required.

Application Process: Simply email the following items in one email package, either as attachments or in the body of the email, to Scholarship@LeftCoastCrime.org — and please include “Scholarship” in the subject line:
  1.  Name and mailing address
  2.  Telephone number
  3.  Year of birth
  4.  Brief description of your current occupation or circumstances
  5.  A 200-500 word essay explaining your interest in crime fiction and what attending the convention would mean to you
  6.  If you are a writer, please include a short sample of your fiction or non-fiction writing, blog post, or book review
  7.  If you have a website, please include the url

Deadline: Applications must be received by November 30, 2019.

Decision and Announcement: The scholarship committee will let each of the applicants know the results by December 15, 2019. We won’t publicize the names of those awarded scholarships, but recipients are free to make their own announcements.

Questions? Email us at Scholarship@LeftCoastCrime.org

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The Fine Print: The decision of the judges is final and if you aren’t awarded a scholarship, you promise to still say nice things about Left Coast Crime.