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Left Coast Crime History

1991 1991: San Francisco, California
  Guests of Honor: Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini
  Toastmaster: Bruce Taylor
  Chair: Bryan Barrett
  Program Book

1992 1992: San Francisco, California
  Guests of Honor: J.A. Jance & Earl Emerson
  Toastmaster: James Lee Burke
  Chair: Donna Rankin
  Program Book

1993 1993: Anaheim, California
“Southern Exposure”
  Guest of Honor: Susan Dunlap & Julie Smith
  Toastmasters: Ann & Evan Maxwell
  Chairs: Kevin Moore & Kathy Johnson
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1994 1994: Anaheim, California
  Guest of Honor: Aaron Elkins
  Toastmaster: Carolyn Hart
  Chair: Kevin Moore
  Program Book

1995 1995: Scottsdale, Arizona
“A Tribute to Tony Hillerman”
  Guest of Honor: Tony Hillerman
  Toastmaster: Judith Van Gieson
  Chairs: Jean Hanus & Marty Hanus
  Program Book

1996 1996: Boulder, Colorado
  “Murder with an Altitude”
  Guest of Honor: Kinky Friedmann
  Fan Guest of Honor: Maggie Mason
  Toastmaster: Nevada Barr
  Chairs: Tom & Enid Schantz
  Program Book

1997 1997: Seattle, Washington
  “Mystery Lurks…”
  Guests of Honor: Faye & Jonathan Kellerman
  Toastmaster: Lia Matera
  Chair: Andi Shechter
  Vice Chair:Thom Walls
  Program Book

1998 1998: San Diego, California
  “Crime Crosses the Border”
  Lifetime Achievement: Bob Wade
  Guest of Honor: Elizabeth George
  Fan Guest of Honor: Willis Herr
  Toastmaster: Alan Russell
  Chairs: Left Coast Crime 8 Committee
 Program Book

1999 1999: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Guest of Honor: John Dunning
  Fan Guest of Honor: Tasha Mackler
  Toastmaster: Deborah Crombie
  Chair: Harlan Campbell
   Program Book
2000 2000: Tucson, Arizona
  “Celebrating Mystery, Murder, & Mayhem”
  Guest of Honor: Sue Grafton
  Fan Guest of Honor: George Easter
  Toastmaster: Harlan Coben
  Chairs: Left Coast Crime 10 Organizing Committee
  Program Book

2001 2001: Anchorage, Alaska
“Death Below Zero”
  Guests of Honor: Michael Connelly & Lindsey Davis
  Fan Guest of Honor: Andi Shechter
  Chairs: Dana Stabenow & Linda Billington
  Program Book

2002 2002: Portland, Oregon
  “Slugs and Roses”
  Guests of Honor: Laurie R. King & Steven Saylor
  Fan Guest of Honor: Don Herron
  Toastmaster: G.M. Ford
  Chairs: Debbie Cross & Bryan Barrett
  Program Book

2003 2003: Pasadena, California
  “Lights! Camera! Murder!”
  Guest of Honor: Robert Crais
  Fan Guest of Honor: Sue Feder
  Toastmaster: Jerrilyn Farmer
  Chair: Helen Howerton
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2004 2004: Monterey, California
  “Sand, Seals, Otters, and Mystery”
  Lifetime Achievement: Richard Lupoff
  Guests of Honor: Sharan Newman & Walter Mosley
  Fan Guests of Honor: Bryan Barrett & Thom Walls
  Toastmaster: Gillian Roberts
  Chairs: Toby & Bill Gottfried
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2005 2005: El Paso, Texas
  “Is Something Mysterious Afoot on the Border?”
  Guests of Honor: S.J. Rozan, Paco Ignacio Taibo II
  Fan Guest of Honor: Ernie Bulow
  Toastmaster: Rick Riordan
  Chairs: Patricia A. Phillips & Mary A. Sarber
  Program Book

2006 2006: Bristol, United Kingdom
  “For a Bloody Good Time!”
  Guests of Honor: Boris Akunin, Jeffery Deaver, Anne Perry
  Fan Guests of Honor: Bill & Toby Gottfried, Donna Moore
  Toastmaster: Lee Child
  Chairs: Myles Allfrey & Adrian Muller
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2007 2007: Seattle, Washington
  “Reading in the Rain”
  Guests of Honor: Dennis & Gayle Lynds
  Fan Guests of Honor: Diane Kovacs & Kara Robinson
  Toastmaster: Gary Phillips
  Chair: Andi Shechter
  Program Book

2008 2008: Denver, Colorado
  “Murder on the Rocks”
  Guest of Honor: Stephen White
  Fan Guest of Honor: Michael Masliah
  Toastmaster: Elaine Viets
  Celebrity Chef: Joanne Pence
  Celebrity Singer: Parnell Hall
  Chairs: Christine Goff & Suzanne Proulx
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2009 2009: Waikoloa, Hawaii
  “Say Aloha to Murder”
  Guests of Honor: Rhys Bowen & Barry Eisler
  Fan Guests of Honor: Vallery Feldman & Pam Dehnke
  Toastmaster: Lee Goldberg
  Ghost of Honor: Earl Derr Biggers
  Chairs: Bill & Toby Gottfried
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2010 2010: Los Angeles, California
  “Booked in LA”
  Guests of Honor: Jan Burke & Lee Child
  Fan Guest of Honor: Janet Rudolph
  Toastmaster: Bill Fitzhugh
  Chair: Jean Utley
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2011 2011: Santa Fe, New Mexico
  “The Big Chile”
  Lifetime Achievement: Martin Cruz Smith
  Guests of Honor: Margaret Coel & Steven Havill
  Fan Guest of Honor: Marvin Lachman
  Toastmaster: Steve Brewer
  Ghost of Honor: Frances Crane & Dorothy B. Hughes
  Chair: Pari Noskin Taichert
  Website | Program Book

2012 2012: Sacramento, California
  “Mining for Murder”
  Guests of Honor: John Lescroart & Jacqueline Winspear
  Fan Guest of Honor: Noemi Levine
  Toastmaster: Harley Jane Kozak
  Special Guest: James Rollins
  Chairs: Robin Burcell & Cindy Sample
  Website | Program Book

2013 2013: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  “Where Murder Is the Last Resort”
  Guests of Honor: Craig Johnson & Laura Lippman
  Fan Guests of Honor: Tom & Enid Schantz
  Toastmaster: David Corbett
  Special Guest: Lou Diamond Phillips
  Troubadour: Parnell Hall
  Ghost of Honor: Stephen J. Cannell
  Chairs: Christine Goff & Suzanne Proulx
  Website | Program Book

2-14 2014: Monterey, California
  “Calamari Crime”
  Lifetime Achievement: Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini
  Guests of Honor: Cara Black & Louise Penny
  Fan Guest of Honor: Sue Trowbridge
  Toastmaster: Brad Parks
  G Is for Guest: Sue Grafton
  Ghost of Honor: Collin Wilcox
  Chairs: Bill & Toby Gottfried, Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
  Website | Program Book

2015 2015: Portland, Oregon
  Guests of Honor: Chelsea Cain & Timothy Hallinan
  Fan Guests of Honor: Friends of Mystery
  Toastmaster: Gar Anthony Haywood
  Special Guest: Phillip Margolin
  Chairs: Bill Cameron & L.J. Sellers
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2016 2016: Phoenix, Arizona
  “The Great Cactus Caper”
  Guests of Honor: Gregg Hurwitz & Ann Cleeves
  Fan Guest of Honor: Chantelle Aimée Osman
  Toastmaster: Catriona McPherson
  Chair: Ingrid Willis
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2017 2017: Honolulu, Hawaii
  “Honolulu Havoc”
  Lifetime Achievement: Faye Kellerman & Jonathan Kellerman
  Guests of Honor: Dana Stabenow & Colin Cotterill
  Toastmaster: Laurie R. King
  Ghost of Honor: Earl Derr Biggers
  Chair: Gay Coburn Gale
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2018: Reno, Nevada
  “Crime on the Comstock”
  Guests of Honor: Naomi Hirahara & William Kent Krueger
  Toastmaster: Todd Borg
  Ghost of Honor: Mark Twain (McAvoy Layne)
  Chair: Lynn Bremer
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2019 Vancouver 2019: Vancouver, British Columbia
  “Whale of a Crime”
  Lifetime Achievement: Sue Grafton
  Guests of Honour: C.J. Box & Maureen Jennings
  Fan Guests of Honour: Don & Jen Longmuir, Scene of the Crime Books
  Local Legend: William Deverell | Ghost of Honour: L.R. Wright
Cathy Ace
  Co-Chairs: Colleen Glynn & Linda McNab 
  Website | Program Book | Pocket Program
2020 2020: San Diego, California
  “Murder’s a Beach”
  Guests of Honor: Rachel Howzell Hall & T. Jefferson Parker
  Toastmaster: Matt Coyle
  Ghost of Honor: Raymond Chandler
  Co-Chairs: Kim Keeline, Lisa Brackmann, Maryelizabeth Yturralde
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Note: Convention was shut down by order of San Diego County after one day due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Unconvention 2021: Cyberspace
  “The Unconvention”

2022 Albuquerque 2022: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  “Southwest Sleuths”
  Guests of Honor: Mick Herron & Catriona McPherson
  Fan Guest of Honor: Kristopher Zgorski
  Toastmaster: Kellye Garrett
  Ghost of Honor: Tony Hillerman
  Co-Chairs: Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
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2023: Tucson, Arizona
  “Trouble in Tucson”
  Lifetime Achievement: J.A. Jance
  Guests of Honor: Glen Erik Hamilton & Sujata Massey
  Fan Guest of Honor: Dru Ann Love
  Toastmaster: Ellen Byron| Ghost of Honor: Winn Bundy
  National Co-Chairs: Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
  Tucson Co-Chairs: Evelyn Cirincione, Elaine Powers, D.R. Ransdell
  Website | Program Book | Pocket Program

2024: Bellevue, Washington
  “Seattle Shakedown”
  Guests of Honor: Megan Abbott & Robert Dugoni
  Fan Guest of Honor: Fran Fuller
  Toastmaster: Wanda M. Morris
  Ghost of Honor: John Okada
  National Co-Chairs: Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
  Seattle Co-Chairs: Laurie Rockenbeck, David B. Schlosser, Brian Thornton
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2025: Denver, Colorado
  “Rocky Mountain High Jinks”
  Guests of Honor: Sara Paretsky & Manual Ramos
  Fan Guest of Honor: Grace Koshida
  Toastmaster: John Copenhaver
  Co-Chairs: Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich
  Website | Program Book | Pocket Program