Left Coast Crime

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Left Coast Crime Quilt Gallery

Vallery Feldman and Pam Dehnke have been making quilts for LCC since 1997. (Rose Anne White contributed to the 2002, 2003 and 2004 quilts.) The quilts are auctioned off or awarded as a raffle prize to earn money for the annual LCC charity. Here are photos of some of their past quilts.

2018 Quilt2018: Reno   2017 Honolulu2017: Honolulu
Quilt2016: Phoenix   quilt2016: Phoenix (detail)
Quilt2014: Pam with the Monterey quilt   quilt2014: Monterey (and back)
Quilt2013: Colorado Springs   quilt2013: Pam and Vallery
Quilt2012: Sacramento (Front)   Quilt2012: Sacramento (Back)
Quilt2011: Santa Fe  
Quilt2012: Sacramento (detail)
Quilt2010: L.A.   Quilt2010: L.A. (detail)
Quilt2009: Hawaii   Quilt2008: Denver
quilt2007: Seattle   quilt2006: Bristol, U.K.
quilt2005: El Paso   quiltEl Paso (back)
[quilt]2004: Monterey (Rose Ann, Pam, Vallery)
  [quilt]2004: Monterey (detail)
[quilt]2003: Pasadena   [quilt]2002: Portland
[quilt]2001: Anchorage   [quilt]2000: Tucson
[quilt] 1999: Albuquerque   [quilt] 1998: San Diego