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Who's coming to Left Coast Crime as of 3/1/09 | View our Author Gallery!

Stacey Aaronson
Mildred Abercrombie
Mary Agran
Judith Akers
Nancy Allen
Julie Alley
Lou Allin
Dawn Amos
Sarah J. Andersen
DJ Anderson
Gary Anderson
Donna Andrews
Kelley Armstrong
Valeria Arrowood
Deborah Atkinson
Lesley Austin-Smith
Frankie Bailey
Bernard Banks
Aileen Baron
Renee Bashor
Marlyn Beebe
Tod Beebe
Mike Befeler
Sabi Bergmann
Martha Bergweiler
Mysti Berry
Norma Bertrand
Eleonore Biber
Anthony Bidulka
Baron Birtcher
Christina Birtcher
Claudia Bishop (Mary W. Stanton)
Jane Bishop
John Bishop
D. Maria Bivins
Arnold Blustein
Marjorie Blustein
Rhys Bowen
Sara Bowling
Barry Broad
Jean Brown
Pat Brown
Angela Brunton
Stephen Buehler
Robin Burcell
Jane Burfield
Miranda Burfield
Jan Burke
Margie Bush
Andrew Butterworth
Sarah Byrne
Sally Cadagin
Valerie Caires
Rebecca Cantrell
Sarah Chen
Karen Chisholm
Margaret (Meg) Chittenden
Cynthia Chow
Cynthia Christy
Chernah Coblentz
Ann Cornellier
Joan Cunnings
J. Madison Davis
Nicola Davis
Janet Dawson
Anita Dean
Pam Dehnke
Cheryl Delano
Vicki Delany
Kate Derie
Karen DeSantis
Linda Devereaux
Beverly De Weese
Denise (Deni) Dietz
Chloe Ducharme
Danielle Duff
Michelle Duff
Michael Allen Dymmoch
Lucille Easley
Diane Eddy
Barry Eisler
Susan Elgin
Dianne Emley
Hallie Ephron
Suzanne Epstein
Gary Farmer
Shelia Farmer
Vallery Feldman
Nancy R. Fifield
Sunny Frazier
Inger Frimansson
Michelle Gagnon
Karen Gambach
Larry Gasper
Joyce Gibrick
Sunnie Gill
Hal Glatzer
Lee Goldberg
Susan Goldstein
Nadia Gordon
Rose Patricia Gorman
Bill Gottfried
Toby Gottfried
Linda Griffin
Sue Griffith
Mary Jane Haake
Kathleen Hagen
Tito Haggardt
Barbara Hahn
Lynn Mandel Hall
Parnell Hall
Joan Hansen
R.J. (Robin) Harlick
Jonathan Hayes
Judith Heath
Betty Hechtman
Betsey Helie
Lee Helie
Diane Hemme
Vicki Hendricks
Sue Henry
Elbert Hill
Marion Moore Hill
Buff Hirko
Naomi Hoida
Karen Hollinger
Meryl Hooker
Deane Howland
Margaret Howland
Maria Hudgins
Gail Hueting
Bill Hughes
Cameron Hughes
Nancy Hodges Hughes
JoAnn Hunt
Mel Hunt
Ken Isaacson
Sue Ann Jaffarian
Susan Jaffe
Nathaniel Jones
Patricia M. Jones
Larry Karp
Laurie R. King
Diane Klechefski
Mariah Klein
Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
Debra Purdy Kong
Myra Kong
Grace Koshida
Kimberly Krabill
Mary Krueger
Michael Kurland
Carol Laberdie
Rita Lakin
Bette Golden Lamb
J.J. Lamb

Clare Langley-Hawthorne
Nancy LaPaglia
Barbara Lee
Noemi Levine
Janet E. Linnell
Sophie Littlefield
Helen Lloyd
Jan Long
Harriet Lord
Brian Lowe
Dawn Lucian
Charles Lucke
Margaret Lucke
Gerrie Lundberg
Doc Macomber
John Madinger
Mary Jane Maffini
Annette Mahon
Tim Maleeny
G.M. Malliet
Joe Mallon
Michael Masliah
Mary (Maggie) Mason
Iris Mazaroff
Catherine McKinney
Shirley McLean
Larry Mild
Rosemary Mild
Mark Alan Miller
Debbie Mitsch
Christopher G. Moore
Pat Morin
Sandy Morse
Adrian Muller
Eleanor Muller
Jen Muller
Marcia Muller
Kathryn Muus
Wendy Nelder
Muriel Nelsen
Maureen Nichols
Gary Warren Niebuhr
Ellie Oberth
Marie O'Day
Tom O'Day
Carol Ogle
Terry O'Loughlin
Sherryl O'Neill
Valda Osgood
Barbara Peters
Robin Peterson
Barbara Petty
Twist Phelan
Arlene Pickett
Dwight Pickett
Neil Plakcy
Lisa Porter-Burt
Frank Price
Bill Pronzini
Christine Rapoza
Fran Read
Brandy Ream
Jo Ellen Rein
Sandra Rich
Colleen Robbins
Cynthia Roberts
Gillian Roberts
Linda Robertson
Anne Robinson
Janet Rogerson
Catherine Rogge
Robert Rosenwald
Sharon Rowse
Janet Rudolph
Cecilia Runkle
Linda Smith Rutledge
Cindy Sample
Enid Schantz
Tom Schantz
Jo Ann Schindler
Sandy Sechrest
Maggie Sefton
Stephanie Serrano
Sheldon Siegel
Eugene Silberberg
Sheila Simonson
Betty Skeen
Hal Skelly
Sue Skelly
Brian Skupin
Peter Sloane
Ro Sloane
Bob Smith
Kerrie Smith
Susan Arnout Smith
Dana Stabenow
Dan Starr
Jason Starr
Cheryl Stevens
Barbara Stewart
Kate Stine
John Stoller
David Sundstrand
Jacquelyn Sundstrand
Fiona Tabara
Teresa Tan
Beverly Taylor
Merrily Taylor
Pam Thomson
Marie Tilson
Karla Torner
Sharon Toth
Sal Towse
Sue Trowbridge
Irene Turner
Helene Tursten
Deborah Ulan
Sylvia Ulan
Louise Ure
Gaila Vidunas
Allene Volin
Eva Volin
Elizabeth Waggoner
Jay Waggoner
Barbara Waindle
Lono Waiwaiole
Thom Walls
Susan Weekes
Jeri Westerson
Michael Whitehead
Deborah Whitson
Becky Whitten
Marlene Willauer
Ingrid Willis
Alice Wilson-Fried
Don Witter
Ruth Witter
Tim Wohlforth
Rosemary Wolfe
Simon Wood
Alice Wright
Carol Yeatman
Merrill Young
Susan Frank Zucker

If you're an author and we didn't link to your web site, or if you registered and we mistakenly left you off the list, just drop a line to trow @!

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone whose books are published by a firm that pays standard advances and royalties is qualified to be listed as an author at Left Coast Crime. Active members of the Mystery Writers of America are automatically accepted as authors but anyone who is not an MWA member but who meets their requirements is an author. This includes anyone who has ever been published by an accepted publisher regardless of their current situation. Authors from publishers who do not meet the MWA's years in business or number of titles rule but who do pay advances and standard royalties are accepted by Left Coast Crime on a provisional basis but must submit an affidavit (including a standard contract) attesting to that fact. Only authors who have contributed financially to the publication of all of their books either through self-publishing or through a vanity or subsidy press are not eligible unless they have been shortlisted for a major mystery award (the Edgar, the Anthony, the Agatha, the Dilys, the Barry, the Hammett, the Macavity, the Lefty, the Nero Wolfe, the CWA Dagger, the Shamus, the Arthur Ellis, and the Bruce Alexander Awards). Non-American writers without U.S. publishers who meet the above requirements or who are active members in their national mystery writer associations also qualify.


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You can also send a check to:
Left Coast Crime 2009
2625 Alcatraz Ave #331
Berkeley, CA 94705
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