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Calamari Crawl

This year we are encouraging conference registrants to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Monterey while making a charitable donation to the Monterey Public Library and the Monterey County Free Libraries.

The 1.9 mile recreation trail runs from Fisherman’s Wharf, right outside the back door of the Portola Hotel & Spa, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Round trip is 3.8 miles (about 6K).

We’re not organizing an official event, but participants can choose to walk or run along the trail at any time during the convention week, and then exchange a $25 donation to the Monterey libraries for a Calamari Crawl certificate/tax receipt. You can make your Calamari Crawl donation in advance using the Donate button below, or make your Calamari Crawl donation at the convention.

There will be sign-ups posted near the registration table if you would like to participate in the Calamari Crawl with a group of old or new friends.

Calamari Crawl Trail

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