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LCC 2013 Photographs by Darrell Hoemann - Part 1
LCC 2013 Photographs by Darrell Hoemann - Part 2
LCC 2013 Photographs by Darrell Hoemann - Part 3

LCC 2013 Photographs by Clark Lohr

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And the winners are.... Click for a list of nominees and recipients of The Rocky, The Lefty, The Watson and Bruce Alexander Memorial Historical Mystery Award.

Check out the Youtube Video of the Concealed Weapons Fashion Show!

Twist Phelan and Laura Lippman, GOH Interview.
Photo courtesy of Clark Lohr

Left Coast Crime is an annual event sponsored by mystery fans, where readers, writers, librarians and other mystery and thriller enthusiasts gather to share their mutual interest in the genre.

Guests of Honor: Craig Johnson and Laura Lippman

Toastmaster, David Corbett and "Last Resort" Troubadour, Parnell Hall


Fan Guests of Honor: Tom and Enid Schantz


Ghost of Honor: Stephen J. Cannell and Special Guest: Lou
Diamond Phillips



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