To donate to this year's auction, please contact Bob Spiller at rspiller2004 (at)

Motheread/Fatheread Colorado is this year's auction recipient. It is a program where Parents/adult caregivers and children read books together and talk about the issues in the stories and in their lives. The program pays for training adult literacy educators to deliver the program to parents or children at their local libraries, family resource centers, childcare centers and public schools. They're growing readers!

Who benefits? Children and their parents and caregivers. Through Motheread/Fatheread, Adult educators, administrators and childcare providers are trained to help parents and childcare providers share books with children. Growing readers!

Why? To help children prepare for school one story at a time. The goals are to close the reading ability gap by third grade by making books and reading a part of every home and childcare center—even in those where parents and childcare providers cannot read or read well. Parents and childcare providers who participate in the program increase their own reading level as they help their children experience the pleasure of reading. And it's fun learning to read!

How Much? Mothread/Fatheread +Teacheread and Story Exploring training is free to participants in literacy programs. Colorado Humanities supports training of adult literacy educators and childcare providers and provides money for books to begin a lending library for parents and childcare providers.

In the Spring of 2012, Motheread/Fatheread Colorado received an Social Innovation Fund grant award through Mile High United Way to help them reach an estimated 25,000 parents and preschool children in Colorado. But there's a catch. The program must raise matching funds.

That's where Left Coast Crime 2013 comes in. Let's help! Donate auction items, bid high during the auction, and let's have fun—growing readers!





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